how we do it

We treat each client like a member of our team. 

We love to communicate.  Feedback is our fuel.  Quick turnarounds are our goal.  

Each engagement begins with an on-boarding call to outline your needs and desired outcomes.  Then, we write up a proposal with a few itemized options so that you can pick and choose what you want: think Chipotle not Chili's. Guac is extra, but also totally your call. The final items chosen become the scope of work.

Once we agree upon a scope of work, we write up a timeline: we are agreeing to get drafts to you on certain dates and in turn, you are agreeing to provide feedback by certain dates.  A set number of rounds of feedback is baked into the process, but more can be requested. 

And then we dive in.  Sometimes you will then be given homework to do, to help us better understand your likes and dislikes.  Sometimes we will go right to creating and sharing.  We believe that the sooner we can look at an actual design, the better, and that it is always easier to provide feedback on the literal over the theoretical. 

When all our work is done, we hand over the final product to you. You own the imagery, the designs, the final product, whatever it may be.  And then we dive right in to the next assignment.