what they're saying

Innovative in her design and responsive in her approach, Meryl was an absolute pleasure to work with on my company’s brand needs. On projects big or small, from logo design, to helping with our ecommerce platform, or creating brand decks, Meryl is easy to communicate with and delivers unique and elevated results.
— Lauren, Prabal Gurung
As a website rank amateur, I reached out to Meryl to help me design a website that would be appealing to potential renters and display my buildings as well as they show themselves in person. Prior to our work together, I thought I would want a complete redesign within six months. I’m ecstatic to say that it has now been two years with the same incredible website Meryl designed and my current and potential residents have found it helpful and appealing as it has generated countless new leases. I can’t wait to work with Meryl on my next project.
— Andrew, Liberty Group Holdings
Meryl is an asset that I am happy to have in my life personally and professionally! She is a wealth of talent, skills and intelligence and has been an incredible resource. She has an understanding of art, design and fashion that contributes invaluably to her skills in graphic and digital design. I call on her often with varied needs for the fashion company I work for and she always delivers. She’s sharp, smart and a pleasure to work with.
— Mary Kate, LHD
Working with Meryl is easy; she perfectly understood what I needed, even if I wasn’t totally sure!
— Sarah, Bat Knit Crazy