Bites & Bashes

Bites & Bashes is a catering company based in Los Angeles, California.  When they came to us, Bites & Bashes needed some help prepping for the launch of their first cafe.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.56.45 PM copy.png


We created a logo for the Bites & Bashes Cafe, which is similar to their main logo but pops in its own right.  They already have an established brand as Bites & Bashes, so we aimed to create a logo that was simply an extension of that main brand.

small wall.png
big wall.png

Elevations for Cafe

In one of the most fun projects to-date, we designed the exterior of the new Bites & Bashes cafe.  We were able to bring the B&B brand to life through pops of color and central logo placement.

Coming soon: a new Bites & Bashes website!